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Year-Chance Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic injection molding machine manufacturer. Since founded, we have been applying the new concept of tailor-made, high-speed & high-pressure injection molding process, which reserves infinite space for quality upgrading and brings up a new fashion of injection molding machine in Taiwan. We believe that there is no unachievable quality level, just
We have 200 sets machines capability per year since 1997, the maximum available machine capacity is 600T. We constantly develop large-size machines, capacity increases from 750T, 1000T, 1200T to 2200T up to 2015. After years of endeavor, we always keep a stable revenue growth, with an exceptional reputation locally and globally.
We hold the "pursuing ultimate, molding advantage" management concept to make constant R&D and innovation. In 2001, we launched the remarkable A-series injection molding machine, cooperated with DAIKIN Japan to produce the digital servers applied in testing pressure and speed, equipped in the A-series. Hold the high-precision and high-efficiency injection concept, using the prepressing function to bring the performance into full play. Exclusively use the toggle-type injection compression and ejection/core partial compression to reduce the internal stress of products. Mold-positioning adjustment device enables the mold's precise fixing tightness without offset, results in the high precision of products. Specially treated high-mixing screw enables the raw plastic materials be mixed up with the color ingredients and powders uniformly, good in materials-cleaning or color-change effort, away from the difficulty of materials-cleanup or color-change occurred at ordinary mixing-head process.
We launched A-series with speed exceeding 200mm/sec, using the high speed & high-pressure injection idea to break up the traditional process used in this field.
1.We passed ISO9001 Certification.

2.We successfully developed the E-series and V-series applied specifically in 3C industry, applied tens of patent applications from the Intellectual Property Office, MOEA.
1.We acquired the CE MARK (EU) safety mark.

2.We successfully developed the product with 2000mm/sec injection speed.

3.Our products won tens of patents.

4.We successfully developed the products that are free from servo valve control, the injection speed exceeds 300mm/sec, which is the pioneer of Taiwan-made injection molding machine.
We launched R-series two-color machine.
We founded the Suzhou Year-Chance Machinery Co., Ltd. in Mainland China.
We launched D-series direct hydraulic clamping machine.
We cooperated with DAIKIN SUT (Japan) hybrid (oil/electric) servo system and launched S-series energy-saving machine.
We launched MII-series two-platen machine.
We launched VF-series vertical machine.
We launched C-series outward toggle machine.
We launched AE-series all-electric machine.
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