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C-series outward toggle machine
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C-series is designed with 5-point linkage outward toggle clamping mechanism, and linked with moveable platen at the central area to minimize its deformation while molding. Compared to traditional toggle mechanism, C-series has much longer opening stroke, it is more flexible to satisfy customers’ various requests.
  • 2 zones’ temperature control at nozzle portion are precisely handled to easily manage the problems of filiform result, resin spill, and slow cooling, then the defective product will be decreased.
  • Barrel temperature is controlled by PID+FUZZY mode with non-contact SSR relay. In addition, SCR constant temperature relay is optional for heating control to have temperature tolerance within 1℃.
  • For traditional barrel design, it is easily heating up to the setting data at nozzle portion as its smaller quantity. But 2-3 times longer at other zones as bigger quantity, even worse at the ending zone due to cooling circuit surrounded. So, pyrolysis and silver mark are easily occurred as high temperature at nozzle portion for long time, even carbonized as well. Synchronized heating function could prevent resin inside nozzle from carbonization and badness.
  • Screw and barrel with close tolerance are accurately assembled to maintain precise linearity and roundness during screw rotation.
  • Mold height adjustment with locating device ensures no displacement.
  • Platens and main structure are made of ductile iron FCD-50 with less deformation and high impact.
  • Tie bars are made of NH48MV alloy steel with higher tensile strength around 15% more than SCM4, and surface hardness up to HRC27.8 degree. The breaking strength will be increased around 40% by radius corner design at gear bottom.
  • Platen bush is made of powder metallurgy brass alloy with wear-resisting and high impact characteristics. Moveable platen is lubricated by molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) without any pollution.
  • Japan made NOK oil seal, back-up ring, and wear ring are used for durability.
  • Rigid mechanism structure design can bear all impacts of rapid mold open and close, and high injection speed.
  • Rapid switch-over logic hydraulic circuit enables quick and quiet shift in movement.
  • High efficiency energy distribution design achieves the fastest moving speed.
  • All the sliding column and plane are designed by dynamic development to get the best utilization.
  • Low pressure mold close is adopted by hydraulic mutual-conditioned theorem to highly effect the mold protection.。
  • Clamping safety devices are actuated by a chain reaction of electric and hydraulic system.
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