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R-series two color machine
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  • Rotated plate is a standard accessary for R-series two color model. Heat transfer oil, chilling water, hydraulic oil, and control circuit are all available for mold utility based on special design of rotated plate.
  • Rotation plate of R-series is driven by electric servo motor with rapid and precise positioning function, and accompanied with positioning mechanism. It makes the rotation plate could be positioned rapidly to improve the combination property between 2 different resins.
  • The product of dual color machine is made by 2 molding stages with 2 different resins or 2 different color of same resin. The combination property between 2 resins is an important target, and the main factor will be directly affected by the movement and speed of rotation plate.
  • Year-Chance model, the rotation plate is driven by electric servo motor, its accuracy of rotation speed and positioning property is much better than other driven by hydraulic motor.
  • The positioning mechanism is also different from other brand which its central gear is pushed forward by a straight gear with up-and-down movement, the gear tooth is easily damaged due to higher torque force as the pushing point at central area. Year-Chance model, the pushing point is at the border area of rotation plate. The bearing load of gear will be smaller as the torque distance is longer, so the gear can work much longer then.
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