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VF-series vertical machine
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Vertical injection molding machine provides metal insert molding. The height of bottom platen is fixed, and vertical clamping is easy for the insert to be placed.
Operation of bottom platen:
(a)Standard: The insert molding could be equiped with lead frame device to reach automatic process.
(b)Single-slide table: After over-molding, the bottom table is easy to be pushed to take out the product, and the insert could be placed accurately.
(C)90 degree double-slide table: One up platen could be accompanied with two slide tables to save waiting and enhance the capacity.

  • The standard injection unit is provided with symmetrical supporting axis and contacting force of nozzle, which is fairly stable when the injection carriage moves. In addition, the adjustable injection carriage could enhance the alignment accuracy of nozzle and mold to avoid resin spill.
  • Nozzle tempture is controlled by SCR constant tempture relay through PID precision control to reduce the probability of resin spill, which can enhance the stability of production capacity.
  • To ensure the safety of operator, we use safety grating to detect whether foreign body enters or not during clamping.
  • According to customer's various requests of product and material, we can provide customized solution of screw and injection system to reach high stability, high quality, and high efficiency production.
  • According to customer's request, we provide a variety of hydraulic control system, including standard type, high speed type and energy-saving type.
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