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Servo energy-saving type
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The energy-saving model is a trend in the plastic industry. This design can accomplish energy-saving, high efficiency, high stable operation and quiet working environment. We stay ahead of this field by anticipating market trends and making innovative breakthroughs to give our customers better tools. We, Year-Chance, own the best quality and the most competitive prices. Designers at Year-Chance machinery bare only one thing in mind as we do what we do: empowering customers.
  • First, the greatest feature is energy saving. It can efficiently reduce water and electric costs. Adopting the IPMP system, the energy consumption can be reduced more than 40 % in comparison with variable pump and even 70 % above in comparison with fixed pump.
  • Second, this unit can achieve high efficiency. Generally, motors are rather low efficiently situated, with less stability and more electric consumption due to low speed. In order to improve the faults mentioned above, it is installed using an ultra-efficient power combination system (IPMP motor, gear pump, and high servo control system) to emphasize on high efficiency power system design, quick response, and high efficiency performance even in low speed.
  • Third, getting high stable operation to reduce defectives, it has a closed-loop control system. The injection pressure will be smoother, more stable and will not result in an overly high pressure before transfer to pressure holding. Consequently, it is the best choice to produce precision products.
  • Finally, a quiet and peaceful environment is considered. When in pressure maintaining, the motor speed decreases automatically and so does the noise. Moreover, the motor speed approaches zero as cooling.

※Every series could cooperate with servo motor, if you want to learn more about energy-saving system specification, you could visit the other series and download the catalogues.

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